Oil Change Service: Why Your Vehicle Loves It!

May 25th, 2013

Oil ChangeThe absolute easiest thing that you can do for the life of your vehicle is to be diligent about getting regular oil changes. It is the most vital part of routine maintenance and will keep your vehicle running smoother, performing better, and help prevent many of the most common causes of breakdowns. Under normal driving conditions, most mechanics will recommend changing your oil about every 3,000 miles, or every 3 months. Oil changes are typically a quick and simple service that can be done in a matter of a few minutes at your trusted automotive shop or something that you can do at home with the proper tools. With a full service oil change, your mechanic will usually check or replace your air filter, visually inspect your belts and hoses, check fluid levels, check your tire pressure, and looks for signs of leaks.

The Benefits of Regular Oil Changes

The benefits of oil changes are numerous-You and your vehicle will both love them!

  • Improved engine performance- Getting your oil changed helps keep the internal working parts of your engine clean and lubricated which means that they will run smoother, and you’ll notice it in your ride.

  • It keeps the engine debris-free- Dirty oil will have built up debris and particles in it, which could harm engine parts. Especially if you are prone to driving in dirty or dusty conditions, such as dirt roads or frequent road construction. Replacing the oil and the filters will help keep these tiny menacing particles out of your engine, and from harming vital components.

  • Better gas mileage! Who doesn’t want better gas mileage? An oil change helps increase the lubricating properties, meaning it lowers friction that can slow an engine down. With the engine running smooth and efficient, your wallet will thank you because you won’t have to use as much gas!

  • Lower vehicle emissions- Older vehicles can sometimes burn old engine oil, which causes an excess of harmful engine emissions. Fresh, clean oil in the engine is less likely to burn, it can more easily absorb particles and it will produce less emissions. When the engine is running smoother, it is also running cleaner, and will leave less byproduct behind. This is one that your vehicle, your wallet, and the environment will be happy about.

  • Cleaner engine- Again, the new oil will help remove particles, debris, and harmful byproduct. This will be noticeable throughout the entire vehicle. The higher the quality of oil, the cleaner the engine will be.

  • Longer life- With regular oil changes, your vehicle will last much longer on the road. Because the clean oil is the best to help lubricate and protect the engine, keep vital parts clean and free from harmful debris, and help boost performance, the engine and its parts will last longer under normal driving conditions and will not become excessively worn. Oil changes can reduce many of the most common causes for engine wear and breakdown. To help save you time, money, and stress- oil changes are a great investment for the entire life of your vehicle.

If this doesn’t help convince you that oil changes are one of the best maintenance routines for your vehicle, consider the cost effectiveness. Many automotive shops offer special discounts and deals on routine oil changes, and the cost of a year’s worth of oil changes is much lower than that of even basic repairs. If you are overdue for your oil change, stop in today and see us! Your vehicle will thank you!  

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